For all those enquiring about the album… here it is… thanks to Quinta, Christopher Reed and Adem Ilhan – and of course most of all the interviewees.

‘Delirium’ is based on the experience of hospital-based intensive care. The songs are interwoven with a series of twelve interviews with people who have been through intensive care, and the people who care for them.

Initially funded by the PRS Foundation for Music’s Women Make Music programme, Delirium was premiered in 2013 in London’s 18th-century Old Operating Theatre, performed by Victoria Hume, Quinta and Christopher Reed.

Sincere thanks to the Reading ICU Support Group and to other interviewees who generously gave their time and voices to this project – without whom this would not have been possible.

Delirium Wp_edited-1

Composed and produced by Victoria Hume with additional arrangements by Quinta and Christopher Reed. Performed by Victoria Hume (voice, keyboards, guitar, melodica); Quinta (voice, keyboards, viola, saw, percussion); Christopher Reed (guitar, melodica); Adem Ilhan (bass). Mixed by Victoria Hume and Adem Ilhan.

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