I can remember going into the car park, parking in the car park, coming into hospital, and I fell against the wall… and the next thing we got up to the A&E. I can remember the doors opening, and that’s it.

And then next thing I knew I was in the ICU.


I can remember getting really annoyed cause I couldn’t speak or I couldn’t even – they gave me a clipboard; I couldn’t even write properly it was that bad.


Everything was blue, with a little red dot, and that was it – everywhere I looked was blue, with a red dot.


Can remember me and my mum were airlifted to – where this came from I don’t know – we both got airlifted to hospital in Birmingham. It was way back, way back in the 1800s, we owned a sardine fishery down in Cornwall. And we – there was riots and that, and we went down and sorted all that out.

I can remember still …it’s really vivid – we came back and there’s all police and that, and we got through, and it’s like, we sorted it all out, and it’s all back to normal. It’s uncanny really, you know.

…Sort of riots where people were trying to stop someone who was trying to take it over, you know – which were our workforce as it turned out. ’Cause years ago in various factories you had hundreds of people working and that, and when they see us it all got back – you know, it’s weird, it really is.

All the gents had their caps and that on, and you know, the old coats and that –it’s so weird. It really is weird. All the old sideboards and beards …and the ladies had long dresses and bonnets etc.


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