I was put on a spaceship with a row of patients, and I was sort of aware that we were ill, and that I was one of several, and that I was on the end (and actually I was on the end at that point, in the open part of the unit). And there was a doctor in with us, but he was malevolent – he was not there to do us any good.

You lay and looked forward, and there were two rows of windows. One had a very static set of pictures, of – actually what I thought were scenes I’d seen in Peru of all odd things – but underneath was another set of windows (and of course there were no real windows in front of me, I looked straight into the unit) – and in these, there were moving things.

We were told to look at the top windows, but actually the trick was to look at the bottom windows, because that showed you were actually way up above the earth, spinning round. I went over the Sahara – heaven knows I’ve never seen the Sahara, but it was the Sahara; and we also went round the coastline in England, and we could look down at – inlets.

And I had this real feeling that I had to get off this spaceship, and the reason they told us to look at the top was because then you’d just think ‘I’m somewhere nice’, and so on… but if you looked at the bottom and saw all these other moving things as we spun round, you’d know that actually that was not true, and somehow I had to get down out of it, or get it to get down so I could get out. And none of the others realised this, it was only me that realised this. The way to come down was to come into an inlet – heaven knows why – and I kept seeing this inlet and thinking ‘God, if we could get down there, I could get off…’ And that seemed to go on for ages.

I’m not sure whether I ever really got off it or not, or just moved onto a different sequence of events. But that was frightening. I was anxious, I – as I say the doctor who was there was malevolent.

And actually when the doctor came when I was fully conscious, to do something to me, I absolutely had to rationalise that he was OK and he was a member of staff.



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