I don’t know how our brain works really.


They put me in a room on my own, and I felt quite trapped – you’re in so much pain and you’re not sure of what’s gong on, you know you’ve been injured but your not sure where.  I found that as I laid in bed, as the nurses would come and see me, or the doctors, all I would see was the skeleton; I couldn’t see the face. And I thought ‘am I alive or dead?’ Because that was how I felt – you know – ‘am I really alive?’ So it was like horror, because every time somebody came to me, all you saw was this skull, the skeleton of these people. And I had that for about four or five days. When my family came it was alright, it was just the nursing staff.


You couldn’t see their bodies, torsos as such – it was just the face.


And it’s that type of movement as well, it’s not like a human movement. They’re like robots, or that type of thing; but you just know that they’re coming towards you… I felt scared because when they closed the doors I felt as if I was actually in a tomb, even though it was daylight. I think day goes into night and night goes into day – you don’t see daylight at all.Image


One thought on “Skeletons – another conversation

  1. I remember 5 days of labouring with my son resulting in the inevitable emergency Caesarian section as he was posterior (spine to spine) and trying to exit through my sacram. He was born just after midnight and even though it was a local anaesthetic I had been in the operating theatre as they ferreted about to get him out and was delirious on pethadine (which I told them not to give me as I get tipsy on a glass of wine) and lack of sleep. Until dawn I wrestled with the most horrific aural hallucinations convinced the staff were all monsters coming to steal all the babies – all the whisperings around the desk was part of the grand plan to take and kill all the babies. My “reasonable” self knew this could not be the case but was overwhelmed hour after hour until light by words I was hearing from the words being said. I have never experienced such a thing before or since and never told a soul.

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