It was like candles, or matches. They were alight. Different colours. Then I saw this sheet of ice with a person underneath it; it was a male person, and he had a crown of thorns on his head and he was getting me to go with him.

Granddad, who’d passed away – he was trying to get me to go with him. I just didn’t want to go. This was about 1980-something. I still remember those visions.

It was really icy cold. I was ventilated for three days.

Then granddad told me to get home, I’d be alright. I was at a party with dead people. My uncle, my granddad. My mum’s uncle. I thought ‘why am I having a tea party with these dead people?’

But it was a nice, safe feeling.

It doesn’t frighten me now.




2 thoughts on “Under the ice: conversation with Nicky

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