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Delirium will be performed at The Old Operating Theatre & Herb Garret, very close to London Bridge station in London.


The Old Operating Theatre is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of its opening as a museum, but the space itself dates back to 1822 and sits in the garret of St Thomas’ church, around which the old St Thomas hospital was constructed.  This fascinating description of its rediscovery is from the museum’s website:

“Following the departure of the hospital from St Thomas St in 1862, the only access to the roof space or attic of the church was through an opening in the north wall of the first floor chamber of the tower. This opening was about 15 feet above the floor level of the chamber which further served to aid the concealment of the old operating theatre. The opening could be reached only by means of a ladder and, after some difficulty and discomfort, any visitor would climb into a completely dark attic. (this opening is now the main entrance into the Herb Garret from the Belfry Shop).

In 1956, Raymond Russell was researching the history of St Thomas’s Hospital and decided to investigate the opening into the attic. He found a ladder and climbed up into the Garret. It was dark because the glass in the old skylight above the theatre had been replaced by slates and the dormer windows in the rest of the roof-space were black with a century of dirt. In addition, the attic was thickly covered with dust and some floor boards had been removed which made access even more hazardous. Part of the operating theatre had been removed at some time, including all the standings, but most of the shell had survived.”



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